The secretary-general meets the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Wildlife

2015-12-14T15:06:13+00:00 November 27th, 2015|News and Activites|

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Wildlife, Mohammed Abu Zeid Mustafa, stood on the last preparations for Afrabea prize for Arab and African youth, which will start in December in Khartoum, and he stood on the last preparations for the reception of the young guests from out of the country, came in a meeting in his office with the secretary general of the AAYC, Awad Hassan, who gave a detailed explanation about the prize and the various fields and The auspices of the Presidency for the prize. He has shown that the participating countries from Arab and African countries are 25, and that First Deputy President of the Republic , Bakri Hassan Saleh will be present at the ceremony, on the thirteenth of December at Grand Holiday Villa Hotel. For his part, Minister of Tourism appreciated the avant-garde role of the Council towards the Arab and African youth and he promised to auspice some of the Council’s activities.


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