In the name of God,
the most compassionate, the most Merciful

The paper

The Future of Afro–Arab Youth Council (AAYC)
Under Current Challenges

Preparation of Mr. : Yassir Yousouf Ibrahim.


Youth Council of the Arab and African (AAYC) started in the ninth of March of the year 2004, after a historic festival held in Khartoum and shape of a solidarity among the masses of young people in the Arab world and the African continent, and since that date the Council resists various challenges, trying to draw a map in youth work in regional and internationally.
In spite of the difficulties surrounding the march of the Council in the past years, but the organization has remained steadfast as it continue in its march towards true coherence for young Arab and African.
The launch of the Council before ten years from now necessity dictated by regional and international circumstances surrounding the work of youth, the current circumstances require more discussion, especially in light of this most difficult time for the peoples of the African continent and the Arab countries.
African and Arab young is still looking forward to more practical approach in adopting its pressing issues and provide realistic solutions for these issues which conformity in this space, sometimes in both the Millennium Development or youth policy in different countries of (AAYC).

The challenges that surround the council:

First, legal and regulatory framework

Perhaps challenges and objective circumstances surrounding the march of the Council or the founding years shortened him from completing the institutional aspects of the Council, it is still a list of questions about the subordination of the Council and its policies, which are supposed to be adopted.
And the feasibility of the priorities adopted by the Council in its historic document at the end of the first conference, which was held in Khartoum in 2009. The Council has announced that its priority extends to the adoption of various issues that concern the youth which summarized in the issues of education, immigration and disease control, training and attention to gender issues and to mobilize the masses of young people and its advocacy and service to circumvent these issues.
There is no dispute about these priorities, as it represents the whole essence of the issues espoused by the United Nations to achieve overall development of young people around the world, but the question that arises here is about the Council’s ability to cover such a large area of the issues and concerns in the current circumstances, which demand from activists in the Council to bear the burden of devising realistic answers to this question, including more clarity vision for the future of the Council.
The other thing in this direction is to complete bind of the Council with the international and regional institutions and to allowing to the Council to consistency with the environment in the international and regional institutions without singing alone in the space of youth work, The Council needs to shed light on his relationship with the UN and its institutions beside approach to the Arab League and the African Union.

Second – Finance:
The Council did not succeed throughout his career in forming a building productive partnerships allow it to expand in youth projects and increase its programs finance in amid bodies which react in funding like this organizations, Council has remained over the years, relying on support of the Government of Sudan we need a substantive engagement with international donors and regional ones, leading to the integration of roles between the Board and these actors.
And therefore this would allow the Council to blaze new trails of funding by knocking the doors of organizations and donors, but there will be a serious seeking of engaging strongly in the world of investing in some African or Arab countries and that alone what guarantees the win to this organization in the future.

Thirdly – The Spreading :
Ten years after the foundation there are questions remained unanswered about the spread of the Council in its space in Arab and African worlds, as the biggest challenge remains for the Council to not turn into a small group sponsoring its idea and its work, but we hope the idea of building the Afro-Arab space remain in a mass and amid crowds of Arab and African young, they will be care about the Council and put it at the heart of their thinking and their planning, and must be conscious to be openness in the space of youth organizations and persuade them practically that there organization is usefulness and there is a necessary of an affiliation

Fourthly restoration of the idea:
Council grew in political conditions differed completely today than we were in the year 2004 and this was reflected in the cohesion of the Council , and there is an impact about the usefulness of continue to build this organization, The convening of the Third Summit of Heads of Africans and Arabs brought sparkle to Youth Council of the Arab and African , and this requires from the Council to strengthen its relations with the Secretariat of this important conference(Heads of African and Arab States)and to lead the masses of young people to get around this idea, taking into account that the idea will be related to the idea of providing scientific and specific perceptions of Arab-African Youth Service
Finally, these and other challenges need to deepen the debate to develop the idea of building the space of Arab and African partnership and make the idea feasible in the hearts of young people.