A delegation from Afro-Arab Youth Council participated in the World Conference on Youth (The Way). The conference discussed the dismantling of the false news which took place from 23-27 June in Malacca, Malaysia, with the participation of 140 young men and women from 33 countries and international and regional organizations, the President of the World Federation of Youth Dr. Idris Haroun at the opening session expressed his pleasure to host the conference in Malacca, the role of youth in the future industry and the impact of false news in society.
For her part, Adiola Barchuli the secretary-general of WAY, thanked Malaysia for hosting the conference, stressing the importance of the role of youth in combating the false news and its impact on the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations (SDGs).
During the conference, a several papers were presented by professors, academics and specialists. The conference presented recommendations, the most important of which is the work of a law to combat false news and the work of an independent body to combat false news and include methods of verifying the source of information in the educational ladder of the secondary stage.
The delegation of AAYC included the Chairman of the Training Committee, member of Executive Committee Mr. Abdul Hamid Alabbar and Director of Culture and Information Department, the Executive Director and Deputy Director of External Relations. The delegation presented the Sudanese heritage, customs and traditions on the cultural night and the President of the World Federation of Youth was honored.