The President of the Malaysian Youth Council, Javitri Bin Jouha, met with his Malaysian counterpart, the Secretary General of Afro-Arab Youth Council AAYC, Huzyfa Elhassan, who discussed cooperation between the Council of Arab and African youth and the Malaysian Youth Council,
The meeting addressed issues of interest to young people on both sides, such as youth peace, youth migration, community safety and cultural exchange between peoples.
Joviteri said: “There are many young Africans and Arabs residing in Malaysia.Cooperation can be established through the Council with them and involve them in the youth programs of Malaysia regarding cultures and peoples”, did he declare. very soon.
The Secretary-General of the Malaysian Youth Council Hassanul Hanif praised the role played by Afro-Arab Youth Council on issues of interest to young people in the Arab and African region and thanked the Secretary-General and his delegation for visited the Malaysian Youth Council.