The Secretary-General of the World Youth Council (WAY), Ms. Adiola Busheleri, met at the WAY General Secretariat headquarters in Malacca, Malaysia, with the Secretary General of Afro-Arab Youth Council (AAYC) and the delegation. Accompanying him, to examine aspects of joint cooperation between the two sides and the problems faced by young people around the world. In particular, it promised to visit the General Secretariat of (AAYC) and to participate in its programs, particularly with regard to the issues of illegal immigration of young people and peace among young people, and welcomed the efforts made by the Afro-Arab Youth Council at the level of Arab and African countries.
For his part, the Secretary-General of AAYC stressed that the Council was ready to cooperate with the Way on all issues concerning youth, especially the challenges young people faced, such as the seriousness of tools of social communication and its impact on youth. In the 19th World Youth Dialogue, which addressed the issue of false news.