Minister of Labour and Social Development of Bahrain, Jamil bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, sponsored a celebration hosted by the Bahrain Society for volunteering marking three years upon its foundation in the Hall of Isa Cultural Center.
he has praised the performance of the Bahrain Society for volunteer work during the three years , and achievements within the process of volunteering and charity work in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The minister stressed that the efforts within the associations and institutions deemed necessary efforts are indispensable to the community about it, considering that the institutions of civil society one of the most fundamental joists social work, sustainable development in the Kingdom.
Humaidan praised the society initiative, the launch of the prize, “Mahfuza Zayani ” for projects volunteer teams for NGOs, pointing out that it successful step on the road to promote volunteer work and the launch of the energies of youth volunteers and encourage them to develop humanitarian work, praising the efforts of leading voluntary work in Bahrain, Mrs. Mahfuza Zayani , which is considered a role model for young people, calling on the walk because its lead in the field of volunteer work and the noble humanitarian.
Sudan’s ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Abdul Rahman Effendi, the leading volunteer work, Mahfuza Zayani, Regional Representative of the International Association for Volunteer Effort, Osama Mustafa Suleiman, the head of the AAYC and Secretary-General of the Arab Union for Voluntary Work, Yusuf Ali Kadhim and the head of the Bahrain Society for work volunteer, Abdulaziz Al-Sindi, along with a number of guests who are interested and involved in volunteer work were present in the ceremony.
for his part, President of the Bahrain Society for Voluntary Work, Abdulaziz Al-Sindi said that the celebration comes with the participation of arab delegations and competent authorities in volunteer work, explaining that it was held on the sidelines of the celebration of a special exhibition of the competition “volunteer with the artist quill ” intended for school students, who are offered paintings to express their concept of private voluntary work and they will be presenting paintings to health centers and vital facilities, as part of efforts to disseminate and promote the concept of voluntary work among members of the community national efforts.
During the ceremony the Bahraini Saudi Institute for the Blind students presented lyrical paragraph of the lyrics composed by and performed with visual disabilities about the importance of volunteer work, then female students of Arad Primary School presented a painting to the sound of the operetta “love Hwi Deira,” and then was presented two films, one on the Prize “Mahfuza Zayani ” about projects of voluntary work, the second one about honorary awards program for hours of voluntary work.