Discuss the papers, and dinner with the minister Murad, and a visit to the Burj al-Barajneh camp:

The seminar continued the seventh Arab youth intellectual communication “and the unity of the nation in confronting the invaders,” its business in the Commodore Hotel to discuss the research papers presented by a number of young people participating in the conference.

The first session, chaired by Secretary General of the Afro-Arab Youth Council Awad Hassan Ibrahim (Sudan) was destined for Palestine where he prepared a paper Magda Azerage from (Palestine) that were deprived of participation because of the lack of a visa and presented tby Amer W.Rasna.
In the paper a historical view of the evolution of the Palestinian struggle and the interaction of the Arab nation struggle with this, to be emphasized that all forms of resistance is the way to liberate Palestine.

The second session was dedicated to confronting the invaders in the Nile Valley, where headed by ProfAhmed Hassan member of the organizing committee of the seminar, a member of the Lebanese People’s Congress is promising and leaves the researcher Ahmed Kamel Buhairi (Egypt), former director of the camps of the Arab youth nationalist, writer in Al-Ahram newspaper.

Marked paper Buhairi linking direct invasions of Egypt and Sudan and its proxy invasions and each nation as we see today. The third session was dedicated to confronting the invaders in the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula and headed by Mohammed Ismail (Egypt) Arab national director of youth camps. And prepared its paper writer and activist Ahmed Jassim (Kuwait), followed by Al-Shari a Lawyer Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, where he was a historical display of confrontations the people of the Gulf and the island with the outside invasion in Oman and the UAE, Aden, and the island up to the Bahrain and Kuwait. Fourth session which were led by Ziad Darwish young vanguard of Lebanon and the Arab Socialist Party were destined to face the invaders in Morocco in a paper presented by the professor, and a member overseeing from Arab national youth camps body, Dr. Hzrchi Bendjelloul from (Algeria) where it reviewed chapters from the struggle of the countries of the Maghreb Arab and learned lessons.

The 5th Session was customized to meet the invaders in the Levant and Mesopotamia (Levant), chaired by a member of the organizing committee for the symposium Head of Youth Union Farid Yasin paper has provided by lawyer Khaled pacifism (Syria) reviewed the struggle of the people of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and against colonialism and mandate and how it exceeded its struggle borders and barriers …

The sixth session was dedicated to the evaluation of the seminar and extract its summary and coordinator of the symposium Abdullah Abdul Hamid and participated in Rehab Mukahal Director-General of the Arab International Centre for communication and solidarity where participants gave presentations concessions, practical suggestions for the development of interaction and communication between the youth of the nation. Mr. Maan Bashour has been initiated hearing a word in which he expressed pleasure at the spirit of the sessions, and the level of higher papers and discussions, stressing that the main idea of organizing these seminars, and Arab nationalist youth camps, which are planted the seed of the communication between the sons of the nation, because the nation’s enemies always carried out of potential loopholes to stir up sedition and strife between the diameters of the nation and within each country of them.

Bashur said it was not possible to continue this seminar and increase the number of participants and posts where every year in the absence of the will of the custodians that are the embodiment of communication through respect for each of the positions of some who disagree with them, the real picture is not complete unless we look at it from all angles.

After that focused recommendations of the participants:

-1 set up workshops and the system of conversation among young people.

-2 launch a campaign to bring down the barriers that prevent the transmission of the Arab citizens of their countries (cancel visas).

-3 Greeting each youth who prevented Forum “obstacles” without their arrival to Lebanon, and a tribute to the youth forum, which detained by the Zionist occupier.

-4 Proposal that the theme of the next youth symposium cultural and media invasion

-5 That held a poetry Youth Festival on the sidelines of the upcoming seminar

Dinner at the Murat

Proposal subject

The participating youth have answered the call to dinner Friday night by the former minister, Abdul Rahim Murad, head of the ruling Union President of the Lebanese International University in the presence of two professors Maan Bashour and Khaled Sufiani and curators of the symposium.

Lunch in the camp

After the completion of the seminar, participants went to the Burj al-Barajneh camp, where hosting the National Foundation for Social Welfare (Children withstand the house) and gave them artistic celebration live by children of the camp, it was also placed a wreath at the memorial of the martyrs.