At the beginning of the Second International Conference of Voluntary and Social Work, organized by Bahrain Association for Voluntary Work in cooperation and coordination with the Princess Saita Bint Abdul Aziz Award for Excellence in Social Work, started in Manama (Bahrain); and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Sindi, president of the Bahraini Volunteer Society and which he called : (Volunteer Ambassador).

The director of NGO Support Department in Bahrain, Ms. Najwa Abdullatif, paid tribute to the efforts of the association of Bahrain for Voluntary Work and it’s considerable efforts to define the values and concepts of social and volunteer work.

For his part, Mohammed Yahya Al Balushi, the President of the International Conference and Vice-President of Bahrain Association for Voluntary Work and the Assistant-secretary General of Afro-Arab Youth Council (AAYC), revealed the participation of a number of Arab, European and Asian countries, led by Great Britain, France, Spain, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt. He sent a message of thanks to all the conference participants; according to him, the efforts of the youth continued day and night, until the conference took place in a way that satisfied everyone and praised the cooperation, care and coordination of the Princess Saita Bint Al-aziz Foundation for excellence in work.

The Secretary General of the Princess Saita Bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work;Fahad Al-Maghlouth, said that the second international conference differs from the previous one in that it saw the participation of foreign countries and the establishment of specialised workshops on volunteerism, to distinguish the Government of Bahrain from sponsoring this conference. He stressed that he would make recommendations to spread the concept of volunteering and exchange of experience among participating countries.
The conference will continue on 7 October and will include exhibitions from participating countries, workshops and forums.