President of the Arab League’s office in Khartoum to (Afrabia):
– Situation in Darfur is stable for this reason …
– Sudanese elections experience unique and should be cherished
– We heard the fraud and did not see him … and technical errors did not affect the election.
-alaqh Good Arab League Council and require more coordination
Interview: Gamal- happy Matz-
Arab League considered a key partner in the political and diplomatic efforts to resolve the Darfur issue and contribute to the democratization process taking place in Sudan and was its first steps in general elections last April, in which the Sudanese people presented a model for the practice of democracy in the world. Next to the humanitarian initiatives which led Arab League to achieve peace and stability in Darfur.
Ambassador d. Salah Halima head of the Arab League office in Khartoum Egyptian diplomat served as Assistant Secretary of State included until he reached the post of much Ambassador of the work of embassies (Damascus – Panama – Argoae- London – Budapest) is married to Ambassador occupies the post of Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Ambassador to Egypt in Tanzania They started the campaign against Denmark led abused when the Prophet (p).
Q / initially recognize the Arab League office in Khartoum and the nature of its activities?
Arab League office in Khartoum mean all private Sudanese side issues such as the Darfur issue and democratization .almketb consists of the head of the office and secretarial and there are opportunities to bring new members to the mission.
Q / What are the efforts made by the Arab League towards the Darfur issue and the peace process in where?
Darformhor humanitarian issue there are more than the role of the university and more than one activity and medical convoys were sent more than convoy 15 the number of operations between the 500-600 range and the rate of treatment for the case of 3000 and employs more than 15 doctor in the period extending between the establishment of a month and a half to two months. The university and the transition from relief to provide basic services where constructed nearly 95 villages out of 295 service center which is about (School- medical clinic – police station – a social club – mosques- electricity -maah) was created by the Arab League and the European countries which took into account the balance between the three states, .uammelt University to enable displaced and converted from the recipients of the relief is to the product on its own through the provision of means of production and training on specific means and the objective of creating villages for voluntary return and make it an option Jaziba and encourage displaced people to return voluntarily does not mean that the closing of displaced persons and state rights . In the humanitarian side hold a conference to address the humanitarian situation in Darfur organized by the university in 2007 which collect pledges were $ 250 million and was the commitment of some of them and in the Doha summit was the commitment to $ 8 million a month for a year and also was created bank reconstruction of Darfur in the Qatar capital of $ 2 billion Dolar.ovi political side operate the Arab League, the African Arab initiative run by the initiative of Qatar, Syria and Ethiopia, which contacted all the Sudanese parties on both sides the government and movements to push the peace process forward and there is contact with some of the organizations concerned in all countries of the world interested in Sudanese affairs in, as the university provided a package of proposals on the political process which is about decisions and policies because a comprehensive political solution and to take all settlement procedures and here comes the role of maximizing UNAMID in terms of extended machinery and equipment to carry out its duties, either in the legal aspect must be given to human rights and modernization of Sudanese laws to take over the Sudanese judiciary to deal with issues of human rights and the prosecution of those who commit crimes against humanity, and here it is worth praising the establishment of Attorney General for Human Rights. As part of the solution must be a Darfur-Darfur dialogue, one of the key factors to solve the problem of Darfur and this aspect has not been the work done so far. On the security side must support the African Union and UN troops (there are Arab forces in these forces), see the Arab League is the (power-sharing – division of wealth) and we find the basis of the case that development in Darfur deteriorating and the situation which is unacceptable, Abu Ja agreement good but implementation which was not satisfactory human side must give him important full of feeling that there is injustice and reality on these aspects, the university believes that the situation in Darfur is now in the stability and Ivdad stability based on the stability of the situation with neighboring countries is an essential mother in the process, was the presence of the Arab League before expulsion Organizations are now 10% and 30%, where the university has worked to fill the gap caused by the expulsion of organizations and this presence will increase in the next time.
Q / you within the monitoring teams to the Sudanese elections a few days ago What is your assessment of the process?
University participated number of 50 observers headed by Dr / Salah Halima was distributed every two observers in the state, including Darfur, and here I can say that the vote was a large turnout was noted the participation of women massively, the elderly and Zoe special needs, has the process quietly because of the unstable security conditions, we find that technical errors did not affect significantly the electoral process in its entirety and in the sorting and counting processes there is no fraud in the centers that we were working in. But said that there is fraud, but we have not seen, and incidents in the south over the north and attributed a large proportion of illiteracy rampant in the south, generally elections in Sudan a step forward on the path of democratization.
Do you think of the Sudanese elections when compared with some democratic experiments in Third World countries?
The special circumstances and the complexity of the electoral process in Sudan have special considerations is the experience of Sudan in a unique aspects and must cherished when compared to the countries of the Third World.
Q / vision of the Arab League to employ the energies of young people in the university initiatives in the Arab region?
Youth Employment energies in my estimation provide job opportunities for young people to take advantage of their potential in several areas and should be trained and vocationally rehabilitated and interest in these policies at the state level.
Arab and African Youth Council, a youth organization that seeks to unite the efforts of young Arabs and Africans What are your letter to the Council?
University of the good relationship with the Council through communication and through the work of the Board and the role entrusted with the attention to youth issues and put forward solutions to so with a difference about the University’s vision about the role of youth organizations from seeing the constituent states of the Council.
Must be communication between the Council and the Secretariat of the Arab League and contacts through polls and activating the role of the joint between them by contacting the institutions of the university and coordination with them (such as the Arab Labour Foundation – Arab Fund)
Last word?
Thanks to the Council of the Arab and African youth on the communication with the Arab League office in Khartoum and interest young Arab and African issues and to try to unify the efforts and initiatives of Arab African.