“Lebanon Center for voluntary work” celebrating the Mewled with the Children of Cancer
“Lebanon Center for Voluntary work” the Syria and Sham Coordinator in the AAYC, aimed to make first of its activities for the current year to visit the children of Cancer patients in many hospitals and share them the celebration of Mewled with all the meanings of Love and intimacy.
From the faith of the Center’s volunteers; that those children deserve care for their welling to defy the disease, a delegation of them visited sections of the sick children’s in a number of the Capital’s hospitals, as gifts been distributed to them, and shared the joy of Mewled; wishing them the immediate healing.
Secretary-General of Lebanon Voluntary Work; Rania Al-shobair explained that the work is continuous for supporting and helping the patients to ease their suffering, pointing to “the major goal of the activity is to share those children their pains and to relieve them by instilling a smile on their hearts, and to interact with them in a compassionate way”.
She pressed on basic message of the visit “the person via own will can change, and use love as his language, despite all the circumstances”, assuring that “the Center will put into action many of Cultural, Social, environmental, and youth projects in deferent areas in Lebanon to affect all the segments as a dedication for communicating with people; away of politics and parties concepts, and to develop their abilities at all levels.