As part of the celebration of International Youth Day; the Office of Vice-President for English group of the Afro-Arab Youth Council in the Republic of South Sudan; organized the activities of Culture and Peace festival under the theme: (for sustinable peace), which held in Juba the capital of the Republic of South Sudan and continued for two days. with the participation of the Assistant Secretary-General for the Arab Group of the Council; Mohammed Al-Baloshy and the Coordinator of East Africa; Ibrahim Kattata from Uganda and Al Nour Hemmat from Eritrea; responsible for the Committee of sport.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of South Sudan said the festival was taking place at a convenient time and helped to promote a culture of peace. He stressed that peace was the only option for development and union and we joined peace in all areas and called everyone to contribute to the peace of Juba through mosques, churches, schools and homes.
The Sudanese ambassador to Juba, said the sudan support for all official and popular initiatives to promote peace and stability in southern Sudan, commending the initiative of the Arab and African Youth Council that has achieved its goals.
For his part, the Vice-President of AAYC , Mr. Philip Lawrence thanked the General Secretariat of the Council for being the first to send a convoy of aid to South Sudan in 2017. The Council plans to train 200 young people men and women from southern Sudan in the field of alternative professions, adding that the festival had become the embodiment of the work of restoring peace through culture.
The coordinator of the East Africa of the Council, Ibrahim Kattata stressed that the need for peace and love in the south is very important to achieve.
Adding, the Assistant Secretary-General for Arab group , Mohammed al-Balushi added the celebration was an encouragement for young people to contribute positively to the peace of Southern Sudan and to improve the social fabric.
According to The Celebration of the Festival, a basketball game was organized among the Black Star team and the neighborhood team of 3 square and the trophy was won by the Black Star team.
The Council honored the Director General of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Local Basketball Federation and Mr. Maragan Gismalla the former Sudan Champion at the Maxico Olympic Games in 1968 and the Ambassador of Sudan in Juba and Sheikh of 3 square.
There was a traditional dance program at Zahra Ground presented by several traditional dance groups.
On the other side of the celebration, a workshop was organized with youth organizations in South Sudan; many proposals were discussed and important recommendations were made to help spread the culture of peace and develop the capacity of youth.
The festival ended with an evening of songs, Sudanese singer Shaza Abdullah and South Sudanese singer Al-Fateh Jadain at the Juba basketball stadium