The Afro Arab Youth Council, which was founded in response to the aspirations of the youth of the continent and the Arab world gathered together the land of Khartoum on March 9, 2004 and under your auspices precious President, the day the dating for the Arab summit of African and the only one orphan one, and who called through the first FESTIVAL leaders of African countries and Arab counterparts to unite efforts and the declaration of unity among themselves.
It reaffirms that the AAYC will continue its work in regional and international forums in order to consolidate this cooperation and increase the pace of its strategy in order to achieve the commitments agreed upon between the young people, especially in the fields of development and cultural exchanges, economic cooperation and social cohesion.
And the Council took the slogan: (youth – Peace- development) of fully awareness with the content of this slogan and working with young people for young people and for peace as a prerequisite for development.
And on behalf of the Arab and African youth, we appeal to African and Arab leaders to intensify efforts to hold a second summit of the Afro-Arab, and allocate to promote economic and social collective Arab and African interests and to take over their own development of real cooperation and abandon ideologies extinct in order to build partnerships at the bilateral, regional and continental level.
We believe this summit will be the strength and significance in the series to strengthen dialogue and relations of solidarity that unite African and Arab countries and the consolidation of the rules that govern our joint work in favor of sustainable development of the African continent, one Arab, which we are proud of belonging to it. This summit will be an opportunity to find out the status of human development in Africa and the Arab world, to dissect, without compliments, problems and obstacles, challenges and take lessons from the past experiences without a contract the historical importance of this summit as a framework for collective partnership should be able to develop a strategy integrated human development, the actual engagement in the Third Millennium Development Goals in 2015, and we suggest you launch Arabic-African initiative for human development and human orientation towards the African and Arab young people first and foremost, which is the key. This strategy should strengthen the foundations of Socio- economic and cultural development relations African and Arab. This goal requires the settlement of disputes by peaceful means and consensus based on respect for the principles of good neighborliness and brotherhood
Must take into account the place occupied by Africa and the Arab world in terms of population density enormous natural resources that, and here it must be pointed out that sustainable development, economic progress, stability and security in the world is linked in many of it to development and stability in Africa and the Arab region.

The AAYC announces its call for the establishment of South-South Youth Forum, also calls for dialogue with others through the emphasis on the arrangement of the summit of the Euro-African Youth Summit in parallel with the Euro-African Summit that the Great Jamahiriya which will embrace in the future
The AAYC of priorities as well as spreading the culture of peace as a key issue in order to strengthen it as a bridge to the status of development after the conflict, and draw attention here to the status of children and young people and conflicts in Africa and registers his interest in the negative consequences of the recruitment of children in armed conflicts on economic development in Africa. Young people are the first victims of wars and armed conflicts and genocides in Africa which retards.